FAQ – Residential Services

How do I reach Customer service?

Customer service is best reached by phone. Our number is 801-691-5800, opt 2 for Billing and opt 3 for Technical Support. You may also come into our office, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. We are located at 170 Election Rd in Draper Utah. Billing hours are 8am to 6pm, M-F. Technical Support is available from 8am to 10pm, M-F, and 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.

What day is my bill due?

Please log onto my.veracitynetworks.com to see your bill and see when it is due. If you do not have your username and password please contact customer service at 801-691-5800.

What do I do if my remote is not working?

First try replacing the batteries.  If the batteries are working, press any button on the remote. At the top of the remote, a button will light up red. Make sure the button that lights up corresponds with the device that you are trying to use.  For example, if you are trying to change the channel you are watching, the STB button should be lighting up. If you are trying to change the input on the TV, the TV button should be lighting up. If your remote is still not working, please call customer service at 801-691-5800

What do I do if my TV service is not working?

First try and reboot the set top box. You would do this by unplugging the box from the power outlet. Make sure you leave it unplugged for 30 seconds. Plug the set top box back and power it back up. If the TV service is still not working, please call customer support at 801-691-5800.

What do I do if my Internet is not working?

Make sure that you have bypassed (Bypass means disconnecting any Ethernet cables or wireless connections to a router, and plugging in directly to the Veracity equipment) any routers, or devices. Once your device is plugged in directly to the wall, reboot your computer and test again. If your Internet is still not working, please call customer support at 801-691-5800.

What do I do if my phone is not working?

Make sure that all phones are on the hook, and unplug any fax machines that might be hooked up. Plug your phone into a different phone outlet in the house. If the phone works in a different outlet, it is a wiring issue. Please call an electrician. If the phone does not work, please call customer support at 801-691-5800.

Do you provide on demand programming?

Yes we do have on demand. You can access our on demand library by visiting channel 1 using your remote. See trailers of our featured video Click HERE.

Can I upgrade while in a contract?

Yes, but standard rates for the new, upgraded service will apply and your contract length remains the same.

If I'm not in a contract can I upgrade?

Yes, but you may be required to sign at least a one-year contract to do so.

If I'm in a contract can I downgrade my services?

Yes, but the following conditions apply:

• There is a one-time downgrade fee of $40.

• You may only downgrade to one of Veracity Network’s standard bundle offerings or if downgrading to a single play it may only be fiber faster or greater.

• You must renew the term of your original contract at the time of downgrade. Veracity Networks will waive this requirement if the customer agrees to pay early termination fees for the services dropped. Q If I’m not in a contract can I downgrade my services? A Yes, but the following conditions apply:

• You must sign at least a one year contract to do so. Transfer of services Q Can I transfer my services to a new location on Veracity’s network if I’m IN a contract? A You may transfer your services at any time. However, transfer fees are based on Veracity Networks determining whether or not your new location was previously connected to the network. If the location is NOT connected:

• Standard cancellation policy applies.

• You must sign-up the new location under one of Veracity Network’s current promotions. If the location IS already connected:

• There is a $50 relocation fee.

• You must sign up for a new contract.

Can I cancel my services if I'm moving outside of Provo?

Yes, standard cancellation policy applies.

Does Veracity Networks pro-rate?

Refunds are generally given in the form of a credit on your next bill.

How are refunds given?

Refunds are generally given in the form of a credit on your next bill. If cancelling mid-month you will receive a refund in the form of a check.

What is Veracity Network's truck roll policy for residential and commercial customers?

If the problem is not resolved over the phone Veracity Networks will send a technician. If Veracity Networks determines that the customer is responsible for the issue there is a truck roll fee of $85 and $85/hour billed by the hour.

What is Veracity Networks's truck roll policy for Apartment customers?

Truck roll for an apartment customer requires apartment management authorization. Some apartments are preauthorized; a customer service representative will let you know.

Can I cancel my contract?

Yes. However If you cancel within the first twelve months of your contract for NEW installs, there is an early termination fee. Contact Customer Service to inquire about the cancellation fee for your area.
Contact customer support at 801-691-5800.

Can I cancel if I'm not in a contract?

Yes, but please ask about current promotions before you decide to cancel.

If I am renewing my contract, does the cancellation fee apply?

Depending on your area, the cancellation fee may vary after renewing a contract and the amount of time you have had Veracity’s services. Please contact customer support at 801-691-5800 to find out what fees apply to your specific contract.

Can I suspend my account?

Yes, contact customer service for details at 801-691-5800.

What does it mean to suspend my account?

Veracity Networks will do the following:

• We will reserve your voice line and phone number if you are a voice customer.

• We will reserve your listing in the phone book.

• Veracity Networks can provide a referral message to another phone number.

• If you are in a contract, the term length of the contract is paused during a suspension. So if you suspend your account for 3 months and have 6 months left on your contract, after the 3 months suspension you would still have 6 months remaining before your contract expires.

What happens if my battery back-up no longer works?

If it is determined that new equipment is required, Veracity Networks will work with providers to install a new device.

What do I do with all my equipment when I cancel or terminate services with Veracity Networks?

All issued equipment must be returned within 10 business days, including set top boxes, cords, power supplies, and remotes. If equipment is not returned, Veracity Networks reserves the right to charge full replacement value for the unreturned equipment.

What do I do if my set top box stops working?

If your set top box stops working, please contact Customer Service to troubleshoot. If Veracity Networks determines a new set top box is required, one will be provisioned for the customer to pick up in our Lindon, UT office. If Veracity Networks determines that the set top box was damaged by the customer, Veracity Networks reserves the right to charge full replacement value.

Can I assume my roommate's or the previous homeowner's contract?

Yes, you can assume an existing contract, but you must sign a new contract in your name for a minimum of 1 year. Additionally, you must subscribe to auto-pay.

If I have an outstanding balance, can I make changes to my account?

No. You cannot make changes to your account when there is an outstanding balance. You must first become current before a Veracity Networks representative will make changes.

What is Auto-pay and why should I sign up for it?

Auto-pay is a very convenient way for you to pay for your Veracity Networks services and there are many benefits to you. When you sign up for Auto-pay, you authorize Veracity Networks to use one of your Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discovery cards or you authorize Veracity Networks to draw directly from your financial institution account to pay for your monthly bill. This service gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will not have to worry about paying late fees, having your services cancelled because you forgot to pay your bill, and having to pay a reconnect fee. You will also save $9.99 a month by not having to pay the “Non Auto-pay Administrative Fee”. Additionally, your bill will always be paid exactly on time and you will never suffer interruption of any of your great Veracity Networks services.