Veracity Networks Agent Channel Newsletter 8/13/2013

Veracity Networks Agent Channel Newsletter 8/13/2013

As the summer comes to an end, we are gearing up to make the end of the year our best yet! And we want to start it off right with a promotion! Over the next two months, the agent that sells the most monthly recurring revenue with Veracity will receive $150 VISA Gift Card and lunch on the Veracity Agent Team! The promotion will run throughout the rest of August and September. The winning agent will choose a date and location for lunch and they will be awarded the $150 VISA gift card.

As the Agent Sales Manager, my role is to first and foremost manage the relationships between Veracity and our Agents. Basically I am here for you! I will assist you with new opportunities and I will do whatever is necessary to help you close the deal, including getting aggressive with our pricing, attending meetings with you and the customer, etc. Also, if you have any issues or concerns, please let me know immediately and I will work to quickly resolve them. We want to ensure that our Agents are well taken care of and I want you to know that your valued relationship with Veracity is my top priority.

Thanks for your hard work! Good luck over the next few months!

Sarah Croff
Agent Sales Manager

I have enjoyed working in the Veracity Agent Channel meeting and working with the Agents and your customers. My role as an Agent Account Representative is to help agents who sell veracity services increase revenue from existing clients, renew customers on existing services, as well as manage and maintain valuable relationships with our mutual customers.

I do this in the following ways:
1. I reach out to your existing customers on a regular basis to ensure that their needs are being met and often upgrade their services and renew service agreements. This means you get paid more commissions on accounts that you already own. Free money? Yes please.
2. I help to maintain a relationship with these clients to ensure that Veracity is providing your customers a premier experience with you and the Veracity Agent Channel. By giving your customer additional support, this will more often leave your time open to prospect and close new business. I act as a supplement to the great service they are receiving from the Agents. This again helps increase your revenue potential, and lower opportunity costs. I’ll even bake them cookies and deliver them myself… Once again… more money for you!
There is a lot of opportunity with these existing accounts. Last month we saw over $14,000 of MRR come in from our existing customers. I’m excited to work with you all and help you to grow your business! If you have any ideas, questions or new opportunities with your existing customer base, I’m your gal!

Lindsey Ivie
Agent Sales Coordinator

I want to say thank you to those who are receiving this newsletter! We have appreciated your business and will continue to for years and years to come. Veracity’s Agent Channel has contributed to significant growth for Veracity Networks and with our continued effort on providing you, our agents and partners, with a premier level of service, we only expect continued success and growth!

I’m convinced that Veracity has the most capable, and talented Agent team ready to help you provide unmatched service your customers. I have tried to incorporate a unique structure to our team that provides to you up to 3 professional individuals to support and service you. Our team is incentivized as a team. Each person has a designated role, but capable of stepping in to fill in the gaps if the person that you are working with is unavailable. Our Sales Engineering and Provisioning continues to become a valuable asset to our channel, and with the addition of Jason Beckstead as our Provisioning Manager, you will be confident in knowing that your customers order is in great hands.

The industry of telecommunications continues to change, as it always seems to do. No one company is immune to it. Some of the largest competitors in this market are undergoing changes that affect the Agent Channel. As many of you know Google has inserted themselves into the market, with the help of our friendly and generous politicians in Provo! J Fortunately, with the exception of our residential customer base in Provo, our customers are unaffected, and will not be Google customers anytime soon. If you have questions about the Google Fiber Network in Provo, and how it will impact this market, please reach out to me and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Kenny Barton
Agent Director

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