• Home Phones
    20+ features

    Get a home phone and unlimited local & long distance to the contiguous US (lower 48 states) and Canada. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii.

    Our phone service includes Caller-ID, Call-Waiting, Voicemail-to-Email and many more features.
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  • Internet Speeds
    up to 1 GIG

    Are you currently on a DSL connection with a national provider? Did you know that your connection speeds are shared with your neighbors? With a Veracity Fiber-optic connection, you share with no one! Just think what you could do with speeds as fast as 60, 90 or 100 Mbps. You might just be able to download your lunch! Read More
  • Package Deals & Promotions

    Is it your birthday? Well even if it is not, you’re going to feel like it is with one of our package deals! You can select from Internet and Phone, Internet and TV or all three. And with each one you add you also save. Read More
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